Razor Burn and Razor Bumps

Are they razor burns, razor bumps, or both?

What is razor burn?

Do you have those red and unaesthetic spots around your shaving area? That issue is referred to be a razor burn (confused with Razor Bumps) razor burn occurs from irritation from the shaving process. Different reasons cause razor burns between different people, this is due to differences of skin sensitivity and shaving techniques.

A razor burn appears to be a red rash around the hair follicle and comes with an itch. Razor burn can happen anywhere in the body, but usually occurs in sensitive areas on the body – mainly the neck/lower chin, bikini area, and the underarms.

What are razor bumps?

Razor bumps often come along with razor burn. They are reddish bumps that occur around the sensitive skin of the shaved area.  Essentially, when a hair follicle is improperly cut it would curl within its own follicle. Once the skin envelops the curled hair follicle, it causes an irritated bump – this bump is caused from the body actually attacking the already inflamed and curled hair. Rarely can these bumps become infect (see white heads for more information).

Why does razor burn happen?

Razor burns arise from the effect the razor has on the skin, not the hair follicle. The skin, a sensitive organ once met with nicks and abrasions accounts in razor burn.

This can come from:

  • Forceful shaving (going over the same spot multiple times, excess pressure, shaving against the grain)
  • Friction (not using pre-shave oil and little to no use of shaving cream)
  • Dull and unclean razors
  • Predisposed skin sensitivity
  • Affliction from shaving cream (skin allergies, irritation, etc…)
  • Improper after-shave techniques

Why do razor bumps happen?

Razor bumps occur from the altercation between the razor and your hairs. Problem often happens hand in hand with razor burns.

These can come from:

  • Angled shaving, causing the hair to become more sharp and easier to curl
  • Thick and coarse hair (often the problem with African American males)
  • Shaving against the grain
  • Improper preparation of the hair and hair follicle
  • Clogged pores

Here we can redirect and educate you in proper shaving practices that will prevent shaving problems.



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